Cherie Kalugin

Making others smile is a favorite of mine. I am a Christ-follower, a compromising wife, a loving mother, and a giving friend. I grew up in California but got swept away by  a military man. We have lived in California, Alaska on a remote island, and are currently residing in the South. Each home has brought its own lessons. My favorite>>> The diversity of people. Each person, each couple, and each family has a story.  I want to capture a part of that.​ I love getting the raw, candid photos. To me, that is where the magic happens, between the tears of joy or the laughter of a cheesy joke. I want to be just right for you. I want this to not just be a photo session. I want you to become my friend and I try really hard to make that happen on our session. /// Let's meet up and create something spectacular.